Public Class
When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, Trust Training Partner is the leader. As the foundation of our integrated learning approach, the classroom experience has become more enriching, dynamic, and valuable for our students. Our traditional Instructor Led Training - instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by student practice through hands-on exercise during and after class.

Private Class
On-Site Training is the ideal solution for training a group of employees or launching a company-wide training effort. It's affordable, your employees won't have to leave the office; it's customizable, itís designed to fit the goals important to you and it produces immediate and measurable results.

Outbound Class
Outbound classes provide flexible, customizable training solutions to fit your organization's unique needs. Private training allows organizations to train an entire team or department with one unified learning experience, ensuring that everyone obtains the same knowledge and skills. Private training can be delivered in worldwide. Popular locations include are Bali, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur