To ensure that all our students have a comfortable place to learn and relax we have created a cafe for students to unwind. Within this cafe students can blow off some steam through a singing a song on our sophisticated 5.1 surround Karaoke sound system.

For students who like games, they can try the latest games from Microsoft Xbox. And for those who are more athletic can take the house challenge with out motion capture gaming system.

Our students enjoy a large range of authentic Indonesia Cuisine avaliable on our Menu for lunch and traditional snacks and coffee to help them replenish their energy.

To make your experience unqiue we can also cater for special requirements like vegetarian, or even low cholesterol meals.

For large groups we can also offer special whole goat barbeque feast or even a traditional feast of yellow rice.

Our Classrooms

Our Workstations Our work station meets Microsoft Level 6 standard (Intel i5) that allows students to simulate real life complex network environments using Hyper-V technology or Virtual Servers. Each Student is given large table space so that they can work in a comfortable environment.

Our Workrooms Each work room is equiped with the latest multimedia equipment to play and show the latest materials from Microsoft. Even with the large and spacious tables students can still interact with their fellow students comfortably.